love. agape.

sacrificial. unconditional. unrestrained. sincere. love.

how incredible is it that our God IS this love? that He provided the ultimate demonstration of this kinda of love to us? AND that He enables us, through his Spirit, to have this same kind of love for Him and for others?!

ahhh! it’s completely crazy! agape love speaks of a love drawn out of the heart based on the preciousness of the object loved. so how incredible is it that despite our inadequacies Christ still finds value in us. enough to complete the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, of agape love, for us?!

i know this is a pretty elementary thing, but it just never ceases to amaze me. i could talk about it all day. it’s truly amazing when you really think about it. and it really challenges me. God has provided me with the ability to love like this. i am to imitate this Love in everything i do. this kind of love is not always pleasant. it is loving when it’s hard. sacrificing when it hurts. loving the unlovable. giving until there’s nothing left. agape love is not easy. and there’s no way i can love like this on my own. it requires daily obedience and complete humility. coming to the cross with nothing and taking up the yoke of Christ. i just pray that i can somehow show this kind of love in my life.

sorry, this is just me reflecting and rambling..

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