pray for America!

One of the incredible things about this prayer project is that it has opened my eyes so much to the brokenness and hopelessness that is not only around the world, but all around us. There are so many people that are living without the hope of grace and redemption that is found in Jesus Christ. But it’s not just in other parts of the world. It’s easy for me to think, especially living in the South, that everybody has at least some knowledge of God. But it blew my mind that out of the almost 500 people groups that are represented in America, almost 100 of these are considered unreached with the Gospel. That’s almost 20% of the people groups that have no knowledge of the HOPE that we Christians rely on. I ask that today you would join me in praying that Christians in the United States would not grow weary of sharing the good news of the Gospel. That we would not only live lives that are reflective of the Gospel but that we would speak boldly and share the hope that we have in Christ. Pray that leaders would rise up and that unbelieving hearts would be opened to the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


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