Pray for Germany!

Oh friends, I hope that you will join me in praying for this country today. One of my wonderful, best friends, Rebekah, has served in Germany over the past few years and has developed such a beautiful love for this country. One fourth of the people groups in Germany are considered unreached with the news of Jesus Christ. ONE FOURTH! And out of the rest of the population many are extremely apathetic and closed off to the Gospel. This is truly heartbreaking. Oh I beg you to join me in praying that the Lord would raise up leaders in Germany that will boldly proclaim the Gospel and make disciples among the German people. That the missionaries and Christians living in Germany would find strength in the Holy Spirit to persevere when it seems like their efforts are going nowhere. Pray that broken families would be restored and that eyes would be opened to the hope that can be found only in Jesus Christ. May they realize that they can find true satisfaction in absolutely nothing other than a relationship with the Almighty God. May God’s name be proclaimed and His glory made known in Germany.


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