Pray for Moldova!

Honestly, if you had asked me a few days ago where Moldova was on a map I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you (which is why I included it in this picture). I was awakened to the needs of this country by some sweet sweet friends of mine who have invested their hearts and lives creating an incredible organization called Save Our Sisters. Please check them out and see the incredible Kingdom-work that they are doing in Moldova!
Moldova’s #1 export is women. That statistic is mind blowing and heartbreaking. Save Our Sisters seeks to not only raise awareness about sex trafficking but also change the lives of women in Moldova by giving them hope and a future after they have undergone a tragedy that is beyond words. They seek to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, comfort those who mourn, and bring JOY and HOPE to those who have none. Moldova is a tiny little country but it has a HUGE need for prayer. Please please join me in praying your hearts out for the brokenness that is in this country. Pray that the traffickers in Moldova would realize their sinfulness and their need for Jesus. That fathers would be leaders and provide for their families so that their children don’t have to go to the streets to find work. Pray that lives in Moldova would be transformed by the saving knowledge of the grace of God. Pray that God’s goodness would be seen and that His name would be proclaimed in the midst of a lost and broken people. Also pray for the strength and wisdom to know that in everything our God is still good.


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