Pray for Jordan!

I have two wonderful friends who have served in Jordan and have incredibly beautiful hearts for the people in this country. Jordan has a predominantly Muslim population; over 95% Muslim in fact. And TWO THIRDS of the people groups here are unreached with the Gospel. That’s a huge number of people who have no knowledge of the goodness and love and redemption offered in Christ! That’s a huge number of people who are praying to and finding their hope in a God that can not save them! Oh I hope you will join me today in praying for the nonbelievers in Jordan. Pray for the ministries that are sharing Christ’s love with Syrian refugees who have crossed the border into northern Jordan and are living in refugee camps in horrible conditions. Pray for the wisdom and strength of missionaries who are working to mobilize young Arab Christians to reach out to their peers. Pray for the safety and faithfulness and fruitfulness of those who are working in Jordan amidst the rise of Islamist governments and decreased religious tolerance. Pray that the people of Jordan will lose their sense of security in the Quran; that they would come to understand how misleading the Quran is. They are very smart educated people in Jordan and this really hurts their ability and willingness to listen to the gospel. There is so much need for prayer in Jordan. Please join me in praying that God will be made known here!


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