Pray for Nepal!

Wow. It is so easy for me, living in the Bible belt in America, to forget that there are SO MANY people who have never heard the name of Jesus. This is the case in Nepal. Almost 98% of the people groups in Nepal are unreached with the gospel. 98%. I didn’t believe it at first when I saw it. That’s a heartbreaking percentage. Three fourths of the population is Hindu, and Buddhism and Islam also make up a big part of the religious population. A dear friend of mine spent her summer in Nepal and was able to share with me the desperate need the Nepali people have for the gospel. Please join me in praying for Nepal today! Pray that Nepal would be a country that proclaims “The Lord is our Banner” and that the darkness of Hinduism and Buddhism would be overcome by the light of the knowledge of Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:4 is a perfect summation of what the enemy is doing in Nepal to keep the people from knowing the freedom and love of Jesus. There are many Nepali believers and missionaries working in Nepal to make Him known, so pray that they may go to those who are least reached on the mountain sides and remote villages. Pray that Jesus would be their treasure, and that he would be worth the persecution they face, even from their own families. Sex trafficking and the general devalue of women is unfortunately a huge problem in Nepal. May Jesus use the women he is rescuing from trafficking to be great reconcilers and ambassadors in his Kingdom; and may the networks and power of the traffickers be brought to justice and redemption in the name of Jesus. Most importantly pray that laborers for Christ would be obedient and go to Nepal to share the gospel. The harvest is plentiful! Nepali people are very receptive to hearing the Gospel…but nobody is telling them!


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