Pray for Haiti!

Oh my friends, my heart is breaking as I ask you to join with me in prayer for Haiti today. A wonderful friend of mine has spent time in Haiti and has shared with me the Haitian’s desperate, desperate need for Jesus. Haiti is a very dark place, arguable one of the darkest places in the world. There are many animistic religions in Haiti that cause the Haitian people to serve and work with witch doctors. Christianity is seen as already having been understood by the people of Haiti, but in reality it is not. They are blinded to the true Gospel and are trading life and peace in Christ for fleeting pleasures of evil. Please join me in praying that a wave of the Spirit would wash over the people of Haiti. Pray that they would be humbled when it comes to their relationship with the devil. Pray that they would be awakened to the eternal death that is looming if they continue in their worship of Satan. Please pray for the missionaries and Christians in Haiti that are daily fighting to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ in the midst of devil-worship and witch doctors. I am so thankful that despite all of this we are able to claim truths like John 1:5 – “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” – even though the country of Haiti seems to be lost in darkness, we can rest confidently in the fact that Christ has accomplished the final victory over Satan. Praise God for the work He is doing to proclaim His name and His salvation in the country of Haiti!


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