Pray for North Africa!

So my half-marathon is tomorrow. CRAZY! Thank you so much for praying along with me these past 13 days. I am SO excited to continue praying for these countries as I run tomorrow!
So I guess I’m kind of cheating today because North Africa really isn’t one country, it’s kind of a collection of countries that includes Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. These countries are all highly unreached with the gospel. There are many people groups in this area that have never heard the name of Jesus. The majority (and by majority I mean 94-99%!!) of the people are Muslims. Obviously, this area is in desperate need for the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They are placing their hope in and devoting their lives to a god that ultimately cannot save them. I hope that you will join me today in praying for the countries of North Africa. Pray for God to raise up laborers that will go into these countries to proclaim the Gospel and bring the news of salvation to people who have never heard it. Pray that Muslims would realize that Jesus was more than a prophet – that He is God and that He came and lived a perfect life on earth and died as a sacrifice for their sins and rose again victorious over death and is able to save completely those who trust in Him. Pray that God’s name would be made known and that Christ would be proclaimed even in the most dark and desperate places in North Africa. Pray that the people of North Africa would be completely transformed by the hope and salvation that is in Christ!


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