Writing and Editing Services

You have something to say.

Something that the world needs to hear. Maybe it’s a message of truth, a tidbit of encouragement, or details about a product that will change the world. Whatever it is, you need to use the right words to communicate your message.

That’s where I can help. I offer writing and editing services that can help you create or refine the words you want to say.

Check out my service options below!


Editing Services:

Allow me to fine-tune your writing by sifting through your piece for grammatical inconsistencies or typos or by offering developmental critique to help you grow as a writer.


●  Copy Editing
●  Line Editing
●  Developmental Editing


Writing Services:

Allow me to craft powerful sentences and cultivate compelling words so you can say exactly what you want to say. This includes writing copy for your site, creating a blog post, or transcribing a podcast or video.


●  Copy Writing
●  Ghost Writing
●  Transcription