I am currently accepting story submissions to post in an upcoming “story series”! Feel free to share your story using the form below.


There is something powerful about sharing your story. There is something humbling and terrifying and wonderful about being vulnerable with the ways God has shaped and grown you. There is something beautiful about people who are able to relate to specific things that you have gone through.

What is God teaching you? What are you struggling with? Is it a chronic illness? An unmet expectation? A dream that you’ve had to let die? How has God redeemed a difficult situation in your life?

What is your story?


Submission Specifications:

Stories should be approximately 1,000-1,600 words 

* Please include a 2-3 sentence bio introducing yourself to the readers

* If you desire to share your story anonymously, please make a note of that at the beginning of your submission 

* All stories will be reviewed and edited before posting. If I have specific reasons for not posting your story, I will discuss that with you.


Thank you for sharing your story!