About Me

Hello! I’m Lauren.

First things first.

I love to write.

I explained more about the wonders and perils of writing here. But I’ll sum it up to say that I write for a few main reasons:

Reason #1

I write because I think in a lot of ways we’re all hurting, confused, lonely, doubting, searching [take your pick, I’m feeling one or all of these on any given day] and we just need some words of encouragement.

Reason #2

I write because words have a beautiful way of connecting people. We may live on different sides of the world, but I hope that in some small way my words can remind you that you are not alone. Maybe in some small way they’ll remind me that I’m not alone too.

Reason #3

I write because this world can be beautiful and wonderful, but it can also be heavy and painful. I write because I want to explain the hurt, the beauty, the grace, the darkness, the light, the truth in a way that makes sense, in a way that makes God’s truths settle more deeply in my heart and your heart.

Reason #4

I write to remind you that you are not alone. I write to make you feel known, cared for, and understood. I write to remind you that God is good and that there is hope.


Writing brings me joy, life, and purpose, and this blog is my way to share what I write.

I write mostly on Scripture for many reasons. Because I believe that the living Word of God is the only place that you can find hope and life. Because as Christians we need to know how to study the Word and see the beauty of the character of God in it. Because God calls us to obedience and that means reading the Word and applying it to our lives. Because as I write on Scripture, I grow in my own understanding of and love for the Lord.

I write primarily with the hope that I can help you learn to read and study the Word of God in a way that encourages and challenges you to love and trust the Lord more.


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A little about me…

As the daughter of an Air Force pilot, I grew up between four continents and eight states. I’ve moved 15 times in my 27 years of life, so I don’t have one place to call home, but I’ve realized that home is where there are people who I love and am loved by, so by God’s grace I have so many homes!

Living such a transient life cultivated in me a love for culture, missions, and people, which led me to get my Master’s in Christian & Intercultural Studies from SEBTS after finishing undergrad at the University of Alabama [roll tide].

I married my best friend, Matthew, in August of 2017, and in February of 2018 we left our family and friends and moved to Denver, Colorado, where I work as a writer at a wonderful Christian organization and where we are working towards planting a church outside the city. We love exploring the mountains around us and hiking with our pup, Chief.

Things I love: all things black (coffee, clothes, nail polish), rainy days, Harry Potter, the mountains, wildflowers, and reading good books.


Thank you, truly, THANK YOU for taking the time to stop by and read the words I share here. I’d love to get to know you, so feel free to message me, connect with me me on Instagram, or comment below to say hi!


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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. dennis51 says:

    Hello Lauren,
    Just read your posting on discipleship through 9 Marks. Good job! Have forwarded to a couple of good friends here in Guatemala. One of these has a mighty work in prisons and other specific groups and does a might work in youth in crime and gang prevention. But he does discipling intuitively and with integrity. You are correct – it is so simple. Just do it. Get off the pew and do it. Thank you for your posting.
    In Christ,
    Dennis McCutcheon, Asociation Vine International Guatemala – mother ship is in Knoxville TN.

    • laurenbowerman says:

      Hi Dennis! Thank you so much for stopping by and introducing yourself! The organization I work for seeks to reach at-risk youth – it’s so neat to hear about people working towards the same mission in a different part of the world! I appreciate you reading and sharing with others, it means the world to me! The work you are doing in Guatemala is incredible!

      • dennis51 says:

        let me know if Guatemala ever strikes a string in harp of your heart sister. I am sure we can find something for the both of you to do! chuckle.
        In Christ,

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