But…grace abounds

Saving grace: ascribed to God, grace is his voluntary, unrestrained, unmerited favor toward guilty sinners, granting them justification and life instead of the penalty of death, which they deserve

Reading through this definition I am overwhelmed and humbled.

Grace. Without restraint. Grace. Excessive and Abundant. Grace. Life and hope offered to vile and wretched sinners.

It doesn’t make sense. I am a sinner. I continually choose things over God, things that in no way deserve my affections. I get overwhelmed with fear and guilt and sometimes I doubt. I forget who He is and what He has done for me. Sometimes I don’t trust Him. My feelings are not steady, I don’t always seek Him, I don’t always love Him. I am fickle and unsure and a terrible lover. I am in no way deserving of anything good from God.

But God.

But praise the Lord! He is everything that I am not.

He is good. Steadfast. Sure. Loving. Faithful. Gracious. Unwavering. Merciful. Worthy.

And because of these things…because of who He is… He loves me. Not because of who I am, not at all because of what I have or haven’t done. But because of who He is.

Over and over and over again He chooses to love me, by no merit of my own, but by His merit alone. And not just because His character is perfect and proclaims that He can love me, but because in Christ I am worth loving. Because of Christ all that is in Him is now in me. For that reason, He is able to see me as worthy and pour out His love upon me.

Because of Christ, God desires and loves and pursues me despite who I am, despite my failings and inadequacies. And not only does He love me in this way, but He calls me, He calls us all! He calls us to join Him in making His name known, along with the oceans and the stars and the trees and the mountains and the skies and the birds, in proclaiming this grace to all nations.

He gives us this incredible grace and then allows us to join Him in proclaiming it to the world with our every breath. 

What wonderful grace. How incredible His love. His righteousness, bequeathed freely to me.

The Lord’s favor shining upon my face only because of His great act of Love. Oh I pray that each day He would remind me anew of His love, of which I am in no way worthy.

This grace is news worth proclaiming. I pray that you are able to share in my excitement because as believers we are all partakers in His grace and His mission! May we embrace this grace daily and may we embrace Him in wonder and adoration and submission. He alone is worthy. And His grace is enough.

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.”

– Ephesians 2:13

Praise. The. Lord. 

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