writing from who you are

This post was first shared in Issue 1 of the writing advice column of my newsletter These Sacred Words.

Some may call it being an obsessive grammar nerd, but I call it being captivated by the way words string together into thoughts and sentences. Regardless, I love helping people learn to write a sentence, a paragraph, or a blog in a way that is compelling and beautiful (and grammatically correct). Later I’ll get to sharing tidbits of advice on how to write a compelling intro, how to be a blogger and not lose your mind, and how to use an Oxford comma (I am quite giddy about that one). Maybe I’ll even make some fun grammar graphics and writing tools for download…

But for right now, my first piece of writing advice is simple:

Write from who you are. Don’t change your words or your presence to fit what you think people want to hear or what you think will garner “likes.” Write the words that spill out from the depths of who you are. Write the words you can’t help but write. People are already drawn to your writing because they like the way you say what you say in your unique voice. So say it.

The world of writing – whether it’s books or blogging – can feel oddly oppressive. You may feel that you need to conform to a certain shape in order to be published or noticed. But don’t give into the pressure to change. God has given you words to steward, so share them bravely.

Whether you’re a writer, a speaker, an influencer, a friend…It’s simple but it’s vital. Don’t change. Be yourself. The world needs to hear what you have to say.

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