Every writer needs a family


“Every writer needs a family…

… a community of committed friends that will help encourage, sharpen, and spur them on in their craft. Every writer needs a coach. Someone to guide, challenge, cheer, and show them the paths to making excellent work.

The GCD Writers’ Mentoring Cohort is just that environment. Over six months, a small cohort of writers will be given access to community and coaching to help shape and sharpen the writer, their process, and their craft. Through six monthly video calls with a small group of writers and high caliber coaches, you will be equipped to write resources that make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.”

I’m so excited to share about this writers group! I have the privilege of serving as an editor for Gospel-Centered Discipleship and being an editor for their writer’s cohort. I have also gotten to sit in on a few of the coaching sessions (led by Jen Wilkin, Jared Wilson, Barnabas Piper, Hannah Anderson, Trillia Newbell, and more) and, let me tell you, they are FANTASTIC.

If you’re a Christian writer looking to grow in your writing, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Click here to learn more! The next cohort starts February 2020!

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