on writing and cultivating intimacy with God

When it comes to good writing, my “best” writing comes out of times of deep intimacy and communion with God. I try so hard not to share something publicly until I’ve really wrestled through it with the Lord in private.

Sometimes this means I end up not sharing it at all. Sometimes this means I skip sending out my regularly scheduled newsletter for three months (oops). Sometimes this means all my words stay tucked in my private journals and I don’t post anything at all. 

Social media has been a great outlet for me to share my writing, but I’m constantly having to check myself to make sure that I’m prioritizing time with the Lord.

Some of you are writers, which is great and is so so exciting. Some of you want to start a blog or a writing presence on Instagram, which is awesome. But I would encourage you to, as a Christian leader once said, “refuse to let your public passion exceed your private devotion.”

Our ministry is not what enables our intimacy with the Lord… rather it is our personal intimacy with the Lord that enables and empowers our ministry. So friends, do not neglect spending time with the Lord. He is your lifeline, your strength, and your daily sustenance. 

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