He is enough

My first day in Africa was amazing.

I woke up my first morning in Africa to roosters crowing, Lugandan shouts, and children’s laughter outside. It was beautiful.

Walking outside I was greeted with wonderful hello hugs and beautiful good mornings from precious children. I’ve never received so much love and I didn’t even know them yet! We spent all day getting to know them and playing with them. It was great.

Later that night we were upstairs and heard the children’s beautiful voices singing praises to Jesus. We walked downstairs and see them all on their knees praying out loud and crying out to God. It was the most beautiful, genuine worship I’ve ever seen. I completely lost it. Just to see their childlike faith and worship was truly incredible. If only I had the faith and the ability to genuinely worship the Lord like that.


I have to admit, at first I was overwhelmed. Feelings of inadequacy started to creep in soon after I got there. In the midst of so much need and brokenness I began to feel like I had absolutely nothing to offer. Satan was attacking and making me feel worthless and useless.

But the Lord is good. He is so good!

In my quiet time one morning, the Lord began to speak a word over me: arkeo (Greek), or enough. I was reading in John 14:8 where Phillip says, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.” His faith and his desire for only a glimpse of the Father is so beautiful. Why can I not be satisfied with Christ like that? Why do I not search for His Presence in every moment so that I can be filled?

Then in my reading in Matthew I read verse 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled, they will be satisfied.” I want to long for the Lord like that. To hunger and thirst for Him. I want to be so fully content in Him that I desire nothing else.

So often I spend so much time wallowing in my weaknesses when the Lord is so much bigger than those very weaknesses. “His grace is completely sufficient for me. His power is made perfect in my weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

I pray that I would be able to rest in His grace and find that it is enough.

He is more than able to somehow take my unworthiness and turn it into something beautiful. I never want to underestimate the Lord’s power to work through me. Of course he can.

He will achieve His ultimate purpose and bring glory to His name.

He is sufficient. He is enough.

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