faithful Jesus, I trust in You

“Oh Lord God Almighty! Where is there anyone as mighty as You? Faithfulness is your very character.”  

– Psalm 89:8

He is faithful. He is utterly dependable. He is the antithesis of everything fickle and fluctuating. He is constant. He never changes. He is faithful always, no matter what my circumstances are.

IN ALL THINGS He is holy and sovereign and good.

He is faithful even when I am unfaithful. He is faithful to fulfill His purpose for me. He is faithful to fulfill all of His promises.

I have no more reason to doubt His faithfulness than to doubt His very nature and being.

His faithfulness is the very foundation of my faith and hope.


Oh I am so thankful for the faithfulness of my God. I just wrote about it a few weeks ago. But, recently God has begun to show me this in a much more tangible way.

He has stretched me in such a way that I have had no choice but to completely trust in Him. When I wrote this blog post a few months ago, I felt the Lord was asking me to seek Him so that I would be able to rest unwaveringly in His faithful character. I felt that He was asking me, “Do you trust Me enough to wait on my timing? Can you be content just resting in my character instead of seeking from Me answers and next steps?”

So by His grace I have been learning to rest in Him. I have been walking more intimately with Him and discovering more and more about His unfailing and unchanging character.

And then a few weeks ago it was like He was asking me again, “Okay, how much do you trust Me now? Now that you have begun to know Me more, now that I have proved to you My faithfulness (not like I needed to), do you trust Me enough to leave this place that has just become comfortable and go somewhere completely new?”

I said yes. Hesitantly, I might add, but I said yes. So what does that mean? Well, that means that within a timespan of less than three weeks I made the decision to move to Wake Forest, North Carolina to finish the rest of my seminary degree on-campus at Southeastern. NEVER have I ever made such a big decision in such a short time frame. I guess that just goes to show just how much the Lord has helped me to trust in Him.

SO. In about three weeks I will be leaving the town of Birmingham to start my classes in North Carolina.

I must admit, I’m slightly terrified. I remember moving to Birmingham a few short months ago for my first semester of seminary and being so overwhelmed with insecurities and loneliness. But I also remember the Lord’s faithfulness in teaching me and growing me through that time. So I know that He will be faithful in this next season as well.

I wrote in that blog post about the incredible peace that is found when you can completely abandon all planning and worry to the Lord. It has been this trust, this knowledge of His faithfulness and complete reliance on Him, that has enabled me to be so at peace with this decision even when I have no idea what is ahead.

He is good. He has been good, always. And I have no reason to doubt His goodness in this next season. I know it will turn out perfectly in His will because I know Him! I know my Shepherd and I trust completely where He is leading me.

Praise God that despite my circumstances, no matter how tumultuous, His love is sure and steadfast, His mercies are new every morning. Despite my complete lack of understanding He is constant and ever faithful! (Lamentations 3:21-23)

May I proclaim His righteousness and goodness and power even more in the unknown and hard times. Though I cannot fathom the extent of His goodness and character, may I nevertheless proclaim it. (Psalm 71:14-15)

Oh Lord, You are good. Right now and always. I trust in You.

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