“know that I am God”

It’s a little easier, when you feel like you’re living in the will of God, working for His purposes, serving Him in a tangible way… it’s easier then to say to the Lord, “Yes.  I trust you.”  

It’s easier when you can see His purposes being fulfilled and you can see the path that you’re walking on… it’s easier then to say. “Yes. You are faithful.”


But when you feel like you’re searching blindly for the next step on the path, when you’re not sure if or how the Lord will provide, when you don’t see how your daily monotonous living is bringing Him glory, when you wake up every day with more questions and you are no closer to the answers than you were the day before, well… then it’s harder to say every day, “Yes Lord, I trust You. Yes Lord, You are faithful.”

But the thing is, He is no less worthy of our trust, He is no less faithful when we daily struggle trust Him and to see His faithfulness.

His character is constant.  His very name proclaims His existence, His true and faithful nature, His fulfillment of His promises.

So.  If we daily remind ourselves of this… of who He is, it should be no more difficult to trust Him in the difficulties, the struggles, the unknowns… because we know Him.

We know the Almighty God! And we can rest assured in the fact that He is always faithful and true and good.

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