Abide in Me

As I’ve been reading through the gospel of John to discover more about how to understand and receive the love of God, I have been overwhelmed with the way God continually chooses to love us messy, faithless sinners.

Despite how we fail and choose other things to love, God continues to chooses to love us. His love is incredible.

And then he commands us to “love one another as I have loved you.”

But how? I can scarcely grasp His love for me, much less imitate it myself!

And yet He gives us the key to doing so: “Abide in Me.”

Isn’t it amazing? He overwhelms us with love and gives us a seemingly impossible command; but in this command is an invitation for us to draw closer to Him, to know Him more, to walk with Him, and to remain in His love – a Love that will transform us so that we can truly be imitators of Him and His love.

This is true grace: we get God – intimate beautiful fellowship with God.

May we never lose sight of the wonder of knowing God.

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