when life is frustratingly ordinary..

“What makes things divine is the inclusion of God in them,”

– John Dawson


I used to think life was about chasing those magical, golden hour, butterflies in your stomach, warmth running through your veins moments. Those top of the mountain moments that make you feel alive and full of purpose and meaning.

I used to think that the dull, ordinary moments were just to be endured or ignored on the way to those warm and wonderful moments.

But what I’m realizing is that it’s actually in the ordinary moments that the most beauty can be found. I’m realizing that that’s where growth and commitment and deep deep joy reside.

Most of life seems to be comprised of a lot of ordinary moments strung together, only occasionally interspersed with those glorious, warm, moments of beauty. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Maybe that reminds us to be more Restful. Faithful. Joyful.

Maybe that reminds us to notice the beauty in those little moments and thank God for being creative enough to be present in the big things and the little things.

I look back through our wedding pictures and I see the most beautiful day of our lives – smiles, family, dancing, friends – every moment filled to the brim with joy and sweetness. And subconsciously I think I expected every day of marriage to look just like that. Filled to overflowing with those golden hour, dreamy, heart-eyes moments.

But that’s not reality. Reality is that our schedules are busy, work is hard, communication is hard, things break, and life can be frustratingly normal.

But. The beauty comes when I am able to find joy and contentment in the slow, ordinary moments – the comfortable silences over breakfasts, the hours of reading before bed, the walks to the park, the studying over coffee, even the difficult conversations.

Life doesn’t have to be adventurous and picture-worthy to be glorious. The very essence of life, of having blood pumping through my veins and a heart that feels and people to experience life with, that is glorious enough.


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