gratitude lately

Gratitude seems to be an unnatural posture for my heart.

It seems that my mind more easily tends towards the frustrations, the unmet desires, the broken things in this world.

I am quicker to see the lack than I am to see the abundance.

I gravitate towards dwelling on the imperfect, the ‘what-if’s, the ‘if-only-it-were-this-way’s.


But there is such beauty in the right now. Even in the imperfect, ordinary, everyday right now.


Why are we so slow to see the mercies all around us? How do we train our minds towards gratitude?

I’m realizing that gratitude starts with a small shift of the mind. It starts with a shift towards noticing. It starts with clearing out space in your mind and in your schedule for slowness and stillness.

It starts with seeing, really seeing, and recognizing the gifts around you for what they are.

Every breath in your lungs.

Every color you see.

Every smile from a stranger.

Every sip of coffee.

Every laugh.

Every moment you’ve been given.

They’re all gifts. Beautiful intentional gracious gifts from a good God.

Let’s see them, savor them, and offer thanks to the one who has orchestrated it all. 


So I’m hoping to cultivate the habit. To start gathering gratitudes like flowers in a field. To start recording and remembering the graces all around me.

Here’s my first go at it:

  • days of sunshine after the longest winter
  • making Matthew laugh
  • God’s Word reminding me of his goodness
  • wildflowers reminding me to hope
  • praying about future adventures
  • holding the sweetest sleeping babe
  • a spontaneous date night – and gelato
  • mountains with a sunset backdrop
  • the way Chief curls up against me
  • a bold hair chop – a sign of being brave
  • sunshine on my face
  • light days after heavy days
  • jabbery birdsong in the morning
  • walks to the overlook with the pup
  • time to be slow, to think, to see


What are you grateful for?


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