On community

Every Tuesday night I have the privilege of studying the Word with a co-Ed group of believers in my church. Despite a few changes, departures, and additions, it’s more or less been the same group for the past three years. We’ve walked with each other through ups and downs, sharing the joys of new jobs, engagements, and marriages, and also weathering together the sorrows of losing jobs, friends, homes, and loved ones.

This past week I was so encouraged. I wish there was a deeper and more powerful word for that. You know that feeling when something so deeply resonates and you feel this unexplainable sense of rightness? That deep deep conviction that God is real and true and good and faithful. And sometimes you can’t even tell if that deep conviction is your own or if it’s the faith of the people around you upholding yours. All I can think to describe it is the deep encouragement and sustaining of faith that comes from community. And it is beautiful.

Wherever you are. I challenge you to find a group of people who can point you to Jesus and uphold your faith and invest in them deeply.

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