on goodbyes and new beginnings

For most of my life, I have measured my life in stages, countries, cities, schools. Every few years my family would uproot and start over in a new place, which was beautiful and exciting, but didn’t give us much time to develop deep roots anywhere.

Something happened however, in the last three and a half years, that caused a shift. Instead of measuring my life in continents and new addresses, I began to measure my life in depth of relationships and remembrance of familiar places and memories at certain landmarks. Matthew tells me that’s called “home.” 😉

I’m familiar with the pang of goodbyes and the packing of boxes. Life has been full of change for me, so trust and commitment has always been a little difficult, while change and newness feels natural. But during the last three and half years in Birmingham, the Lord slowly but surely helped me to let my heart put roots down in people and places and it has been the most terrifying but also the most joyous thing in the world. In the last three and a half years, He has been gracious to bring into my life people who see things in me that I can’t see and who speak beautiful and convicting truth to me and who know me deeply. He created a wonderful family for me in Birmingham and He filled my heart to the brim with love. I am so deeply grateful.

Leaving a place full of people you love is one of the most painful things. As many times as I’ve done it, it doesn’t get any easier. But Matthew and I deeply rejoice at the ways that the Lord has provided through His people in Birmingham and the way He is already providing through His people in Denver. We have been overwhelmed by the love of the body of Christ and the way that they have manifested His grace to us. It has brought us strength and confidence as we take an exciting (but also a little scary) step. So to all of you who have written us letters of encouragement, prayed over us, spoken truth to us, and hugged us til we can’t breathe, THANK YOU. Truly. You mean more to us than you know. We are excited and hopeful as we begin a new chapter together in Denver and we are overwhelmed with thankfulness for the love and support of so many to get us to this point.

Here’s to the next adventure!

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