making a home

Many of you have been asking for updates so I channeled my [nonexistent] video editing skills to make a short documentary of our first few weeks in Denver: featuring the bipolar weather of Colorado (snow and toboggans one day and sunshine and shorts the next!), our exploration of new local food joints, and enjoying the mountains and sunsets of Colorado.


It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. After two days straight of driving we arrived in Colorado. We unloaded our things from our Uhaul into a storage unit and were able to spend a week living at the home of a family in the church. No less than TWO days after we arrived, we were able to look at a townhome that we had found on Zillow and the next day we signed a lease! The day after that about 15 people from the church helped us to move all of our stuff into our new place. And the next day I started my new job. It was a jam-packed couple of days to say the least, but also an incredible testament to the Lord’s goodness and provision!

The next two weeks were a combination of stumbling over boxes, unpacking our lives, getting lost around town, and slowly starting to settle in. We celebrated Matthew’s 26th birthday by him preaching that morning in church, going on getting lost on a beautiful hike, and eating delicious food (obviously including chocolate).

We have been so immensely thankful for the Lord’s provision in so many ways. We’re finally moved into our house, which makes us feel a little more at home. We have been graciously loved, fed, and cared for by the members of our new church. And we have felt cared for and encouraged by the friends and family members who have called, texted, and facetimed to check on us from afar. We appreciate your continued prayers as we seek to build community, get involved in the church, and settle into our lives here.

Transition is hard and it takes time for a place to feel like home. I’m familiar with this feeling and in some ways I’m thankful for it. As much as these feelings of unsettledness, loneliness, and heartache for a far-away place hurt, they are also a reminder to me that this place is not our home. I am reminded that “I am a sojourner in the earth” (Psalm 119:19), wandering on this spinning planet for a brief time, seeking to make the Lord’s name known and proclaiming the truth of a better and eternal home; a place where feelings of unsettledness, loneliness, and heartache are no more and we are continually and eternally satisfied by the presence of the Lord.

“He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!”

– Revelation 22:20

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