a prayer for the writer

This post was first shared in issue 7 of the writing advice column of my newsletter These Sacred Words.

I’ve had a prayer, written by a writer who I deeply admire, pinned on the corkboard above my desk for the last year. Her words bring me comfort and serve to be a humble reminder of why I write, for whom I write, and what my words should point to. I hope you’ll take a moment to read her heart behind the prayer (below), and then to visit her page to read the prayer she wrote specifically for writers. Be encouraged!

“The more writers I befriend, the more I realize how exposed and fearful we feel on the day our content is published. It’s incredibly vulnerable to put your voice out into the world, and we need extra prayers on those days, whether we’ve posted a blog post, shared thoughts on a podcast, released a book or product, or spoken to a group.

So, writer friends, this prayer is written for you… I hope that it offers perspective and encouragement to you on publication day as you bravely surrender the words you’ve been given.”

Read Caroline’s ‘prayer for the writer on publication day.’

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