write of God’s faithfulness

This post was first shared in issue 14 of the writing advice column of my newsletter These Sacred Words.

Perhaps this issue’s ‘on writing’ section won’t be the most novel, but maybe it will be the most practical.

Oftentimes as a writer I find myself blanking as I stare at my computer, trying to muster up some words to write. Funny enough, oftentimes in life I find myself blanking when I try to talk of God’s goodness or faithfulness. This feels embarrassing to admit, but it’s true, and maybe you’ve done the same thing?

So here’s my encouragement, whether you’re a writer or not. 

Write of God’s faithfulness. Make lists of ways God has been good to you. Collect moments of God’s faithfulness like polaroids, keeping them tucked away to look back upon in an inevitable moment of disbelief or doubt. Write down the big moments and the small moments, documenting all the ways God has been gracious and kind to you.

If you’re blanking on what to write, if you find yourself racking your brain trying to think of how God has been faithful to you, here are a few hints: Remember the cross – is there any fuller picture of Christ’s extravagant faithfulness to us? If you need more ideas, just read Ephesians 2… you’ll have plenty to write.

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