on remembering God’s faithfulness

This post was first shared as issue 14 of These Sacred Words

If I’m honest, I struggle to see God’s faithfulness in every area of my life, and I have a feeling I’m not alone in this struggle. It’s so easy for me to say “MAN, God has been faithful” when he does what I hope he will. But in the areas of my life where God has not done what I wanted him to do… I don’t find myself rehearsing his faithfulness as easily… 

It’s a little easier when you feel like you’re living in the will of God, working for his purposes, serving him in a tangible way… it’s easier then to say to the Lord, “Yes. I trust you.”  

It’s a little easier when you can see God’s hand over your life and can see him providing tangibly for your needs… it’s easier then to say to God, “Yes. You are faithful.”

It’s a little easier when your prayers are being answered and you feel that God is being abundantly gracious to you to say, “Yes, God. You are good.”

But when you feel like you’re searching blindly for the next step, when you’re not sure if or how the Lord will provide, when you don’t see how your daily monotonous living is bringing him glory, when you feel like every month brings another unanswered prayer, when you wake up every day with more questions and you are no closer to the answers than you were the day before, well… then it’s a little harder to say, “Yes Lord, I trust You. Yes Lord, You are faithful. Yes God, you are good.”

These responses seem further from our lips when our prayers aren’t answered how we hoped they would be, or when life feels heavier than it used to be.

Maybe for you it seems that the hard days are outnumbering the easy days.

Maybe it feels more and more difficult to utter these words of trust to God.

Maybe it feels impossible to say God is faithful because you just. can’t. see. it. 

But the truth is, God is no less worthy of our trust when we struggle to trust him. He is no less faithful when have to fight to see his faithfulness.

His character is constant and his very name, Yahweh – I am that I am – proclaims his existence, his true and faithful nature, and his fulfillment of his promises.

The truth about God does not become less true because of our failure to believe it.

As believers we are called to remember. As God called the Israelites over and over again throughout the Old Testament to remember how he had saved them, to remember his name, to remember his character (Duet. 9, Ex. 13). As the Psalmist recalls Israel’s faithlessness while remembering God’s covenant faithfulness (Ps. 106). As we today are called to remember, and to remind one another to remember, Christ’s ultimate act of faithfulness to us.

If we daily remind ourselves of this… of who God is and how he has been faithful, it should become no more difficult to trust him in the heaviness, the struggles, the unknowns… because we know him. And we can rest assured in the fact that he is always good and ever-faithful.

May we wake up remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness. May we find his mercies to be new every morning, even if our lives still do not look quite how we want them to. May we remember – and call one another to remember – Christ’s proved faithfulness through his ultimate act of love and kindness to us. May our knowing of who God is propel us to trust him deeply even in the struggles and unknowns of life.

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