יהוה‎ – Jehovah, I AM, “the existing One”

Just take a moment to meditate on the vastness of our God.

He is Creator and Sustainer and Shepherd and Father and Redeemer and Savior and He is REAL. His very name proclaims His existence! We are able to trust in and put our hope in Him because He is real and true…

He is reality.

“We have put our faith, our trust, in God. Our faith does not make Gods existence possible, it is because of His reality that our faith is real… we know that the things we now hope are sure, and the things we do not yet see are bound to pass because of the one who has promised them.” Piper and Mathis, Finish the Mission

May our faith be grounded in the reality of God.

He exists. Therefore our hope is secure!

He is real and His character is true and good and trustworthy.

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